In order to enroll in accreditation services, child care programs must hold a valid license (for day care centres and out-of-school care programs) or an approved contract (for family day home agencies) with Alberta Children's Services.      

Licensed child care programs operate under the requirements of the Alberta Child Care Licensing Regulation, whereas approved family day home agencies run according to the Ministry Family Day Home Standards.

Both the Child Care Licensing Regulation and the Ministry Family Day Home Standards set out minimum requirements that must be met in a licensed/approved child care program to ensure that the health, safety, and developmental needs of children are met.  All licensed and approved child care programs must also be in compliance with the Safety Codes Act and its various codes (Fire, Building, etc.), the Public Health Act and the Institution Regulation.

More information about child care licensing and provincial family day home
standards is available on the
Alberta Children's Services' website at

Accreditation in Relation to Licensing Regulations and Provincial Family Day Home Standards

Licensing regulations and provincially approved family day home standards set the mandatory requirements of basic health, safety, and well-being of children that must be met by licensed and approved child care programs.

Child care accreditation standards of excellence are above and beyond these mandatory provincial requirements. The standards focus on criteria and indicators that define a higher level of quality, carrying positive outcomes for children, as well as, their families, community, and the child care staff working in the program.

Enrolling in child care accreditation is voluntary.​