​All accredited child care programs are required to submit an Annual Report to Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services on or before their accreditation certificate date.  

Programs are held accountable to their accredited status in part through the Annual Report.  It​ outlines the program's progress with the strategies of their Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP); provides reflection on the impact of those strategies; and demonstrates the program's commitment to continuous quality improvement. The report and evidence provided are based on the program's reflection of their strategies that were written within their QEP and implemented within their practices.

Completing the Annual Report provides an accredited program with an opportunity to ensure consistent practices described in the following indicators of the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards:

  • 4.2 c   Complete annual performance reviews and consult with child care professionals to develop individualize training plans and support the movement
               ​towards a higher level of education, especially for child care professionals not certified as Child Development Workers or Child Development 
    6.1.b   Establish and implement monitoring and annual review/evaluation processes on a regular basis.

  • 6.1.c   Include child care professionals, administrative staff, families and other stakeholders in the program evaluation process and incorporate the ​ideas
              brought forward into the program's decision and policies.

  • 6.1.d  Encourage participants in the evaluation process to identify the program's strengths and areas for improvement.

  • 6.2.b  Involve administrative staff, child care professionals, families and other stakeholders in the development of written Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

  • 6.2.e  Monitor the progress in carrying out the actions of the QEP throughout the year.

  • 6.1.h  Use the outcomes from the evaluation process to set future goals.

Since the Annual Report is a reflective process, it is important to include participation from all stakeholders, such as family day home providers, staff, children and community members.  Reflective practice with staff and other stakeholders could take place by providing opportunities for reflection and review, e.g. a staff meeting or survey.

 Failure to submit the Annual Report by its due date will result in a loss of accreditation status.

  • An accredited program will be notified by the accreditation agency when their Annual Report is due.

  • The annual review process requires Annual​ Reports to be submitted to the accreditation agency prior to a program's annual accreditation expiry date, twice in a program's 3-year term/cycle.  A seal is issued to the program upon successful submission of the Annual Report.

  • The first Annual Report is due 1 year from the date the program was accredited.

  • The second Annual Report is due 2 years from the date the program was accredited.

  • The accreditation agency must receive the second Annual Report prior to the program completing the re-accreditation process.

  • Programs that do not comply with the requirement to submit an Annual Report will have their accreditation status revoked and their program's file will be closed.

  • Alberta Children's Services is notified when Annual Reports are not submitted.

Annual Report Results​​

  • The Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services' Annual Report forms must be completed in full to be considered a final submission.

  • Annual Report submissions are reviewed by the accreditation agency.

  • If a program`s Annual Report includes the required information and documentation, the accreditation agency will send the program a seal, indicating their current status (Year Two or Three) to be applied to their accreditation certificate.

  • If required information has not been provided, the accreditation agency will request additional documentation/information to support the goals and strategies listed within the program's Quality Enhancement Plan.

  • If the accreditation agency identifies any issues or concerns as a result of an Annual Report completed by any accredited program, such programs may be selected for a Status Verification Visit​.