Writing the Annual Report

 Please read carefully.
  • The Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services' Annual Report forms must be completed in full to be considered a final submission.

  • Ensure the completion date on your Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is indicated for each strategy completed in the past year. 

    • For your first Annual Report, provide updates which occurred after the site visit. (Intermediate Strategies)

    • For your second Annual Report, provide updates which occurred since your last Annual Report (Long Term Strategies)

    • For each QEP strategy completed, describe how it has enhanced your program in the particular Standard it was written for.

  • In the event that further evidence is required, you will be notified regarding the type of evidence to provide based on your Quality Enhancement Plan.

  • Keep all your paper evidence associated with the strategies in your Quality Enhancement Plan at your program.

  • Keep copies of all Annual Report documents for your files.

  • Your Annual Report submission will be reviewed by the accreditation agency.

  • When Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services reviews your submission, we assess your program on the goals you have set to enhance your current practice.

  • Once your Annual Report has been reviewed, an accreditation seal for that year will be sent to you.


Questions to consider as you prepare your Annual Report could include: 

Has your program/agency:

    • Continued to implement strategies towards best practice?

    • Developed new strategies to reflect the current needs or goals of your program?

    • Demonstrated a reflective process with children, families, staff, and community?


 The purpose of accreditation is to promote leading practice and excellence within child care programs. Research on leading practices in Early Learning and Child Care is growing and evolving.

The QEP should include strategies that move your program towards or enhance your program's quality---'Continuous Quality Improvement.'  


Completing and Submitting the Annual Report

  1. Complete the following forms and email to annual.report@aelcs.ca: