Accredited programs need to complete the accreditation process every three years before their accreditation certificate expires. The accreditation agency will be looking for richer and deeper practices during re-accreditation. Some examples could be:  Updating the program's inclusion policy to embed current, researched practices and informing families (Standard 2, 3 and 6); inviting a health practitioner to provide education to staff on current health practices (Standards 1, 4 and 5); or implementing the Ages and Stages Questionnaire into your practice (Standards 2 and 6).  

Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services will inform an accredited program when it is time to start preparing for re-accreditation. The Accreditation Guide is provided to the program via the Program Accreditation Library (PAL). 

Generally, programs are informed at least 9 months prior to their Accreditation certificate expiry date to begin the re-accreditation process.

The Accreditation Guide, along with the Quality Enhancement Plan and Policies and Documents List, must be completed by the program at least three months prior to the Accreditation certificate expiry date for the
re-accreditation on-site evaluation and decision process to occur prior to the expiry date. 
Programs are encouraged to continue working on the Accreditation Guide and finalize details as they await their re-accreditation site visit.

Once a child care program is accredited, it is the responsibility of the program to maintain and enhance the quality of service they demonstrated during their on-site evaluation.​