Participation in accreditation is voluntary.  However, once a child care program has enrolled in the accreditation process, it must follow the guidelines and requirements provided by the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services.  The accreditation agency monitors each participating program's progress and reports it to Alberta Children's Services.  If a child care program no longer wishes to participate in the accreditation process, they can voluntarily withdraw at any time, by submitting the following Withdrawal Request forms:

If an accredited program withdraws from the process, their accreditation status will be automatically revoked and the program will be required to return the accreditation certificate to the agency.

Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services will provide Alberta Children's Services with a copy of the completed Accreditation Withdrawal Request, or Pre-accreditation Withdrawal Request once received from the program.

Programs that voluntarily withdraw from accreditation may re-apply after six months.  The program's application will be considered new to the accreditation agency, and the program will be required to complete all stages of the accreditation process.