Accreditation is a voluntary process available to licensed day care centres, licensed out-of-school care programs, and approved family day home agencies in Alberta.  Once a child care program has an operating license (for day care and out-of-school care programs) or an approved contract (for family day home agencies) with Alberta Children's Services, a license /contract holder can apply to Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services to enroll the program in the accredit​ation process.

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Accreditation Coaching Support

Child Care Accreditation Coaching support may be available at no cost to programs preparing for their initial accreditation site visit, as well as, accredited progams that are preparing for their re-accreditation process based on the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards.

For more details, contact Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement directly at 1-866-429-4930 (toll free) or visit the agency's website at www.arcqe.ca.