​Accredited programs are required to report to Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services the issuance of a child care probationary license, a hold on a family day home agency's contract, or any non-compliances.

When an accredited program receives a probationary license from Alberta Children's Services (for day care centres and out-of-school care programs), or the program's contract was put on hold (for family day home agencies), the accreditation agency will issue a Temporary Accreditation Status for a period of six months.  Once the probationary license has been lifted, or a contract has been reinstated, the accreditation agency will require the program to verify that accreditation standards are being maintained.  A Status Verification Visit may be required.

The accreditation agency will not complete an on-site evaluation for programs that have a probationary license, or a hold on a contract.