License or contract holder change is a change in ownership of a child care program when a different legal entity (corporation or a sole proprietor) becomes the program's new license or contract holder.

Programs undergoing a license or contract holder change are responsible for informing Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services of this transition to prevent a possible interruption to their accreditation status.

The following applies to accredited programs that have undergone a license or contract holder change:

  • The program will be required to enter into an accreditation agreement with the agency.

  • Once the agreement is returned to the accreditation agency, a Temporary Accreditation Status notice will be issued.

  • If a program does not return a signed agreement to the accreditation agency within a specified timeframe (normally, a  month from the license/contract holder change date), the Temporary Accreditation Status will not be issued and the program's accreditation status will be revoked.


On-site Evaluation as a Result of a License or Contract Holder Change

Accredited child care programs are responsible for the cost of a license/contract holder change site visit. The cost associated with the change in license holder will be for the on-site evaluation, as well as for the decision process.

  • A maximum of $1450 (plus travel costs) for the site visit will be communicated to the program and clearly identified on the invoice.

  • Payment will be required prior to the on-site evaluation.

  • If the program does not have an on-site evaluation and an accreditation decision prior to the expiry of the Temporary Accreditation Status notice, status will be revoked.

In the event there is a license or contract holder change, contact the accreditation office at 1-877-552-2227 (toll free) or at 780-421-9222.