​​Guiding Families to Quality Child Care

Finding and choosing child care can be a worrisome experience for families.  Naturally they wish to have the best for their children, as they are primarily responsible for their children's well-being and development.  Accreditation helps families in choosing high quality early learning and care services for their children.​  Learn more


Quality Service in Accre​​dited Child Care Programs
The provision of high-quality child care services in accredited child care settings is linked to beneficial outcomes for children, their families, child care staff, and the community.  High quality child care can positively influence child development and accreditation has been shown to improve child care by promoting high standards of professional practice.  Accreditation also contributes to increased staff retention, enhanced job satisfaction, and improved management practices and communications in child care programs.

Accredited child care programs work hard to ensure children receive care that supports their optimal development and child care professionals have the tools they need to support and maintain high quality services.  Accredited programs support families of children in care and involve them and the broader community in program evaluation and development

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Benefits of Accreditation

What families can expect from an accredited program:

  • Stimulating programming and settings, which promote growth towards children's optimal development
  • Program staff have the tools they need to support and maintain high quality care
  • Professional and qualified staff
  • Clearly communicated policies and procedures
  • Regular communication between the program and parents
  • Family centered
  • Parent involvement


How Can I Get Involved in Accreditation?

  • ​Join the accreditation team at your child's program
  • Complete surveys to provide your feedback to your program
  • Complete consent forms to allow Accreditation Validators access to your child's portfolio/file.  Validators will not be looking at the confidential content, but rather are validating what the program claims they are doing.
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