​​Accredited programs have committed to meet the accreditation standards at all times.  If a staff or family day home provider, a family or community member believes that the accredited program they provide or receive services at evidently fails to maintain the accreditations standards, they could file a complaint with the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services.

Before filing a complaint with the accreditation agency, please make sure first that the nature of the concerns you have is in fact directly related to any of the accreditation standards or any one of the criteria or indicators that make up the accreditation standards.  Please note that many concerns may fall under the jurisdiction of the health and safety legislation or covered by licensing regulations (for licensed day care and out-of-school care programs) or provincial family day home standards (for approved family day home agencies).  

   View Accreditation Standards, criteria and indicators.


If you are certain that the issue or issues you are experiencing directly relate to the accreditation standards, put your complaint in writing, indicating which standard, criterion or indicator you believe your concern relates to and include the following information:

  • Program Name
  • Program Address
  • Type of Program (Day Care, Out of School Care, or Family Day Home Agency)

Submit your complaint to complaints@aelcs.ca


Complaint Process Overview

When a complaint is received, the accreditation agency documents the nature of the complaint and the following steps take place:

  • The complaint is assessed to ensure that the concern is an accreditation issue, rather than an issue that can be addressed by licensing or other regulatory authorities, or a business practice issue.
    • If the complaint is a licensing or health concern, then the complainant is referred to the respective department (Alberta Children's Services, Alberta Health, or other).
    • If it is a business practice concern (e.g. operating hours or fee structure) unrelated to the accreditation standards, the accreditation agency will encourage the complainant to discuss the issue with the program.
    • If the complaint is, in fact, a breach of the accreditation standards, the program is contacted via written correspondence by the accreditation agency.
      The program is then asked to submit evidence relevant to the accreditation standard, criterion, or indicator the complaint refers to.

  • Once the evidence is received, the assigned accreditation agency staff reviews the materials.   
    • Further evidence may be requested.

    • A Status Verification Visit may occur if the complaint is regarding interactions between staff/provider and children.

Once the program has satisfactorily addressed the concern, the complaint is closed.  During the Annual Report process, the program may be further examined to ensure accreditation standards are maintained.