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​​​The Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards were developed by Alberta Children's Services in consultation with the child care field and key stakeholders. The standards are above and beyond the provincial requirements (for day care and out-of-school care programs) and provincial family day home standards (for family day home agencies). They reflect current research and leading practice in child care and focus on outcomes for children, families, staff, and community to support children's optimal learning and development.

There are six accreditation standards applicable to all programs, whether it is a day care, a family day home or an out-of-school care program.  Each standard is comprised of numbered criteria (principles and guiding practices that make up the standard), which are further broken down into indicators that serve as observable measurements.

The accreditation standards criteria and indicators outline the requirements of high quality child care and are used by child care programs to achieve and maintain accreditation status.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards booklet, please send your request to  In your request, include the contact name, phone number, mailing address (where the booklet should be mailed), version of the booklet (English or French) and the number of booklets.

The Evaluation and Scoring Framework sets out the evaluation process that is used by the accrediting agency as a result of on-site evaluations to determine the accreditation status of participating child care programs.  Read more about the Alberta Child Care ​Accreditation Evaluation and Scoring Framework.​

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