Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services provides annual contracts for a selected number of Moderators each year.


  • Minimum four years of post-secondary education - Early Childhood Education is an asset

  • Alberta Children's Services Child Development Supervisor certificate.

  • Knowledge and where possible, experience in processes of the review and evaluation of services.

  • Active involvement in children's services as an academic, administrator or senior service provider in the past five years.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Recognize objective observations.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Alberta child care system - centre based and contracted family day home agency services.

  • Have a commitment to the accreditation process and quality improvement of child care services.

  • Be professional, ethical, objective and unbiased in the review of child care programs based on differences in philosophies and approaches in child care and early education.

  • Demonstrate analytic skills.

  • Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively and meet deadlines.

  • Ability to relate evidence to general criteria and indicators.

  • Ability to communicate orally.


  • Review the evidence gathered by the Validator including the interaction observations.

  • Review the score determined by the Validator to ensure there is evidence to support it.

  • Write a report.

  • Make a recommendation from the outcome of the site visit to the accreditation agency.