Program Changes

Programs become accredited for a term of three years during which they may undergo a number of changes that could potentially affect their accreditation standing.  Therefore, programs must inform the accreditation agency of the following changes:
  • Change in license or contract holder
    Transition from one license/contract holder to another impacts the accreditation status of a program.  Learn more.
  • Probationary License or Hold on the Contract
    If an accredited day care or out-of-school care program has been issued a probationary license, or an accredited family day home agency's contract with Alberta Children's Services has been put on hold, the program is required to inform the accreditation agency and complete a documentation process.  Learn more.
  • Relocation
    When an accredited program moves to a different location, it is required to complete specific reporting with the accreditation agency to confirm that program's relocation did not affect its ability to continue to maintain the accreditation standards. Learn more.

  • Program name change
    A change in a program's name does not affect the program's accreditation status, but it does require the program to be issued a revised accreditation certificate that reflects the new program's name.